Gardening In Perth In March

March 10, 2014 Gardening Gals Uncategorized

P1210167Gardening in Perth in March is a great time as autumn has arrived.  Autumn is a good time to plant almost anything!

Vegetables to plant in March include – beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, leek, lettuce, radish, spinach, spring onion and turnip.

Flowers to plant in March include – alyssum, lobelia, stock, pansy, snap dragon, sweet pea and viola.

March is a great time to attend to the following tasks in the Perth garden:

  • Prune geranium and pelargonium by two-thirds to encourage new bushy growth before winter
  • Remove weeds before they go to seed. The best time is after rain
  • Attract butterflies to your garden by planting red, orange, purple, white and blue flowers
  • Prune petunias to keep them flowering well into autumn
  • Coffee grounds can be put to good use in the garden as slug and snail repellent or in the compost bin
  • Divide agapanthus plants from autumn through to early spring
  • Prune off citrus branches hanging lower than 1m above the ground to reduce the spread of brown rot
  • Plant bee food plants such as brachyscome, angophora, eucalyptus, callistemon, melaleuca, scaevola, grevillea, hibbertis, tea-tree and westringia
  • Scorched leaves can be a sign that soil is water repellent. If the soil is dry, apply a wetting agent and water well
  • Divide clumping grass-like plants, such as dianella, lomandra and kangaroo grass. Keep several shoots per clump and remove dead material
  • Harvest radish regularly to stop them becoming too hot and spicy, woody or pithy
  • Start planning spring bulbs

Happy March gardening in Perth!!

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