Gardening In Perth In May

May 5, 2014 Gardening Gals Uncategorized

P1210586Rain has finally arrived and there couldn’t be a better time for gardening in Perth in May.  There is still time for plants to become established before the really cold weather hits us.

Vegies to plant in May include – broad beans, broccoli, cabbage, cress, spinach, lettuce, onion, radish, shallots, spring onion and strawberries.

Flowers to plant in May include – cornflower, pansy, poppy, stock, statice, viola and calendula.

May is a great time to attend to the following tasks in the Perth garden:

  • Lift and divide clumps of native violets and replant in the shade. Keep soil moist.
  • Snap off the flowers of herbs to keep the tasty leaves growing
  • Thin overcrowded fruit on apple, pear, citrus and plum trees so the remaining fruit can develop to full size and flavour
  • If you have an area of persistent weeds, cover them with a thick layer of overlapping newspapers, then a 5-8cm layer of mulch over that
  • Overcrowding of bulbs in containers can look really good so pack them in closer for maximum effect
  • Prune bottlebrush once autumn flowering has finished. Prune behind the flower heads
  • Now is the perfect time to plant coriander
  • Transplant any shrubs that are in the wrong spot or are being crowded out
  • Lift and dry garlic and onion once the leaves start dying
  • If you find aphids on new shoots, squash or squirt them off with a jet of water
  • If you have black spot on roses, remove affected leaves, avoid overhead watering and ensure good light and airflow around plants
  • Trim westringia, lillypilly and lemon myrtle hedges
  • Move cold-tender indoor plants away from cold windows and cut back on watering in the cooler seasons
  • Fertilise a newly planted rose once it puts on about 5cm of new growth
  • Water citrus regularly as the fruit is maturing. A lack of water can cause fruit to drop before it reaches full size
  • Add slow release fertiliser to pot plants
  • Give bulbs plenty of water while growing but stop watering when their leaves start to die down
  • Pumpkin is ready to harvest when the stalk attached to the vine starts to whither and change colour

Enjoy your time in your Perth garden in May.


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