When To Prune Fruit Trees

April 18, 2013 Gardening Gals Uncategorized

Lemon treeTo obtain the best results from your fruit trees, it helps to prune them at the correct time of the growing season.  It is also handy to prune fruit trees to a height where you can easily harvest the produce.

When pruning, aim to remove any branches that rub or cross over others and thin them out so light and air can circulate through the canopy.  This helps to prevent pests and diseases from taking hold.  Also ensure any suckers are removed from below grafts.

The list below covers most fruit trees commonly grown in the home garden:

  • Citrus trees – prune the tips regularly to keep them tidy
  • Stone fruit trees – should be given a good prune in summer once they have finished cropping
  • Fig tree – the best time to prune a fig tree is in winter while it is dormant
  • Almond tree – prune while tree is dormant in the first two years.  After that, the more you prune the tree, the lower the yield of nuts
  • Olive tree – light prune when harvesting and again during spring prior to flowering
  • Apple, pear and other deciduous trees – prune while the tree is dormant
  • Grapevine – hard prune during winter plus regular pruning throughout the growing season
  • Banana plant – four months after planting, allow one sucker to grow – cut off all others.  Four months later, allow a second sucker to grow.  During the next four months the main plant should have produced fruit.  Cut it down to ground level and start the process again.  You should only ever have 3 shoots from the one plant

Enjoy the fruits of your harvest!!

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