Habit or Form

February 8, 2012 Gardening Gals Uncategorized

Moses in a BasketYou will often see descriptions of plants referring to it’s habit or form.  This is describing the way in which the plant grows.

The form or habit refers to the shape of the plant.  It could be:  conical, columnar, round-headed, spreading, irregular, upright, erect or prostrate.

It is also determined by the plant’s stem and branching structure.  It could be called herbaceous or woody.  Herbaceous is normally green, soft and pliable whereas woody is usually hard and tough and covered by bark.

Plants are generally classified as trees, shrubs, climbers or ground covers.

So in future when you see a plant described as having a “prostrate habit” you will know that it will be growing stretched out along the ground.


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