October 28, 2011 Gardening Gals Uncategorized

Weeds in garden bed

A weed is a plant that is growing where we don’t want it to. 

Most of our weeds come from places with similar climates to ours such as Europe, South America, South Africa, North America, Asia and New Zealand.

Weeds are spread via camping equipment, bags, shoes, clothing, cars, machines and animals.  They can also be ornamental plants that have “escaped”.

Weeds can have an impact on the environment, the economy and people by:

  • Changing or destroying natural ecosystems and farmlands
  • Degrading recreational areas in bush, rivers and lakes
  • Reducing the productivity or profitability of agriculture
  • Causing health problems such as poisoning and allergies to people and animals
  • Increasing costs to famers
  • Increasing costs to local government for weed control which are then passed on to rate payers

Amazing what an impact a plant can have on us.

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